Homage to Chilaquiles

Recently we had a farewell barbecue for our friend Mathilde, and I found myself with all of the leftover open bags of tortilla chips. Now, I don’t waste food–and I love tortilla chips–so I had to find a way to eat them before they all went stale without having nachos everyday for lunch. And then I remembered my favorite brunch item at our local pub: chilaquiles, a saucy mess of fried tortillas, salsa, and protein (beans, chicken, eggs, or… who knows?). I have a savory palate, and I’m a huge fan of savory breakfasts. It’s a great way to knock out the extra sugar that might make you feel energized in the morning but find you crashing hours later.

This is one of my favorite Mexican foods. I don’t have Mexican heritage, and I won’t pretend that I have the cultural knowledge or the skills to make authentic chilaquiles. But what I do have are innumerable tortilla chips, an intrinsic love of brunch, and about five minutes a day to make something super filling and delicious. This is merely an homage.

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Breakfast of Champions

Do you like beets? No? Even just a little? If you’re a beet-doubter then I dare you to try this hearty, earthy, eggy breakfast. I have it almost every day nowadays, especially if I’ve worked out in the morning, and I’ve posted it on my Instagram a few times. Several people have asked for the recipe after seeing my (scrumptious, decadent, purple) creation on social media. So here we go.

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Best Breakfast Scramble

One of my go-to easy meals (a great breakfast, but also a fantastic hearty lunch). If you’re not a fan of spicy foods (Blasphemy!), you can load this up with cheese or simple spices.

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Power Breakfast

When we took up rowing, my friend Sue and I would often have a small bite to eat before practice (at the crack of dawn), and then a larger breakfast when we returned to refuel. “Power Breakfast,” as we affectionately termed it, is a protein-packed meal that goes great with a coffee, an orange juice, and the drive to GO HARD. Inspired by my friend Ally’s taste for yogurt with eggs and my own love affair with sauteed greens, I give you The Breakfast of Champions.

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Plum and Peach Jam on Gluten-Free Oatcakes

I took my friend’s market share this week while she’s away, and wondered what to do with the two smallest plums I have ever seen in my life (see picture). When I got home they had become mushy, so I decided to make a jam with them. I also used a peach (well, they told me it was a peach, but it looks suspiciously like a nectarine…) that had gone mealy–my least favorite thing about fruit. I had to put the jam on something, so I made some gluten-free oatcakes, too. I had everything this morning for breakfast. Yay breakfast!

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