Sausage and Peppers

Sausage and Peppers is a classic Italian-American dish cooked on truck worktops at innumerable street fairs in New York City and elsewhere. I can smell that smell from my childhood as I write this. Ordinarily, the vehicle for this greasy, no-frills dish is a big chunk of Italian bread. Since I can’t eat bread, I supplement my recipe with my favorite vegetable: The Mightly Sweet Potato. You can┬áleave that out, use different colored peppers in its place, and/or stuff this glorious mess into a bread roll of your choice. If you do use bread I’ll be jealous, but not too jealous, because it’s pretty great the way it is.

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Coconut Pudding with Chia Seeds

I used to giggle about Chia Pets when someone mentioned chia seeds, but I finally got around to playing with them (the seeds, that is) in the kitchen, and I now consider myself a fan. Chia seeds take on the consistency of tapioca when soaked in a liquid, which means that they can make a gooey dessert out of almost anything. There are about a billion recipes out there for chia seed pudding, and most of them use coconut milk. This is my personal favorite combination, but I encourage you to experiment using other tidbits from the Web.

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