Sweet Miso Salmon

New to East Asian cooking? Miso is a great way to get started! This simple glaze has only two ingredients. Here I’ve put it on salmon and baked the fish, but you can put it on almost anything and fry, dip, or simmer.

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Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Quinoa Pudding

I was going to call this one “Qualifying Exams Quinoa,” but then I realized that the title wouldn’t be descriptive enough (despite the fact that I have, in fact, just taken my first qualifying exam). But this one’s all about the chocolate.

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“Jen Salad”

My partner’s parents affectionately refer to this dish as “Jen Salad.” It’s a chopped salad with basil, coated in a simple goat cheese-based dressing. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and makes a great side for a grilled protein of your choice (I like to do this with chicken).

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