Tangy Baked Tofu

When I need some protein and I’m not willing to do much more than open a package of said protein, I reach for the tamari (that’s gluten-free soy sauce, for those who are unfamiliar) and make this superfast marinated treat.

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Apple Chips

Apple chips are one of my favorite snacks, but I hadn’t made them myself until this week. They’re essentially a dry, crunchy version of the dehydrated apples you get in health food stores. They can be eaten plain or seasoned, and made with any kind of apple you have on hand.

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Baked Black Bean and Corn Fritters with Spicy Sour Cream Dip

These fritters are baked, not fried, and inspired by my new-found love of Southwest-inspired cooking. This recipe takes a bit of time, but is well worth it. It yields 20-25 fritters–perfect for a party snack!

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