Orange Veg Soup with Candied Ginger

I owe this one to my husband, who turned out to be a total whiz at using up all of our marketshare veggies. He used only sweet potatoes and carrots the first time he made this soup, but the second time we were inundated with butternut squash, so that went in, too. It seems to work well both ways!

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Sausage and Peppers

Sausage and Peppers is a classic Italian-American dish cooked on truck worktops at innumerable street fairs in New York City and elsewhere. I can smell that smell from my childhood as I write this. Ordinarily, the vehicle for this greasy, no-frills dish is a big chunk of Italian bread. Since I can’t eat bread, I supplement my recipe with my favorite vegetable: The Mightly Sweet Potato. You can┬áleave that out, use different colored peppers in its place, and/or stuff this glorious mess into a bread roll of your choice. If you do use bread I’ll be jealous, but not too jealous, because it’s pretty great the way it is.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes with Chive Dipping Sauce

This recipe is probably the most requested of all the things I make, but it’s not my own: the original comes from Orna and Ella in Tel Aviv, and there are tons of reproductions of their recipe online, including this one from Food 52, which is the basis for the one I’m sharing here. The sauce is really versatile, and can be used as a dip for veggies or pita, or spooned onto nachos in the place of regular old sour cream. It’s also really great on fish.

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