Two-Step Teriyaki (here with salmon)

Oh, my friends. My friends! (Especially you, Jenna and Ally!) I’ve been sitting on this recipe long enough. Some of you have been nagging me to post it for more than a year. Behold the two-step teriyaki: Step 1, marinate. Step 2, bake. ‘Tis all. I’ve done this with salmon (which I maintain is the absolute best vehicle for this homemade sauce), but you can do it with tofu, chicken, or presumably anything else. I think I originally got the idea for this from my friend Gill, who got it from her dad. Thanks, Gill and Gill’s dad!

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Tangy Baked Tofu

When I need some protein and I’m not willing to do much more than open a package of said protein, I reach for the tamari (that’s gluten-free soy sauce, for those who are unfamiliar) and make this superfast marinated treat.

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