Breakfast of Champions

Do you like beets? No? Even just a little? If you’re a beet-doubter then I dare you to try this hearty, earthy, eggy breakfast. I have it almost every day nowadays, especially if I’ve worked out in the morning, and I’ve posted it on my Instagram a few times. Several people have asked for the recipe after seeing my (scrumptious, decadent, purple) creation on social media. So here we go.

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Cold Quinoa with Beets and Feta

Quinoa is fast and easy to make, and is a great alternative to pasta, rice, or polenta. It’s also the Superfood of the Year! Here I’ve taken plain quinoa and added some ingredients that are light, but with some tang. This salad makes a great addition to picnics and barbecues.

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Power Breakfast

When we took up rowing, my friend Sue and I would often have a small bite to eat before practice (at the crack of dawn), and then a larger breakfast when we returned to refuel. “Power Breakfast,” as we affectionately termed it, is a protein-packed meal that goes great with a coffee, an orange juice, and the drive to GO HARD. Inspired by my friend Ally’s taste for yogurt with eggs and my own love affair with sauteed greens, I give you The Breakfast of Champions.

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